Google is set to introduce new features, including Maps chatbot and Chrome tab memory consumption improvements


Google has some exciting updates in the pipeline for its platforms, including Maps, Gmail, and Chrome. Get ready for the latest features! Google, always at the forefront of innovation, has some exciting updates in the pipeline for its platforms. The tech giant has recently begun testing two new generative AI features for YouTube, and it … Read more

Google introduces shopping insights with discount codes: discover how to make the most of it

Google introduces shopping insights with discount codes

Google has come up with a new feature to make your festive shopping more enjoyable and straightforward. Learn how it functions. With the holiday season approaching, many folks are busy hunting for gift ideas or considering upgrades to their electronic gadgets and home decor. Google has introduced a new feature called “shopping insights” to simplify … Read more

The government has issued a warning to social media platforms in response to a viral deepfake video featuring Rashmika Mandanna

Reshmika Mandanna

The IT Minister has given social media platforms a serious warning due to a deepfake video involving actress Rashmika Mandanna, which has raised concerns about online identity theft and spreading false information. Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has sent a strong message to social media platforms today, reminding them of their legal responsibilities in the battle … Read more

A 150-foot asteroid will pass by Earth today, and NASA says it will come as close as 5.8 million kilometers

NASA has shared information about an asteroid called Asteroid 2023 TO15 that will have a near encounter with our planet today, November 6. Learn about its speed, how close it will come, its size, and other important details. Here’s an interesting fact: You can now get a close look at an asteroid sample collected by … Read more

Uncertainty surrounds the growth of big tech as sales forecasts appear weaker


Big Tech companies posted higher profits than expected, but their future outlook for the fourth quarter is not as positive. Most Big Tech companies reported higher profits than what Wall Street expected. However, there’s not-so-great news about their outlook for the fourth quarter. Apple, Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), and Tesla raised … Read more