Are They Hiding Something? 15 Tech Signs of a Cheating Spouse

In today’s world, where technology plays a big role in our daily lives, it can also give us hints about those close to us. And let’s be real, the issue of a potentially unfaithful partner is something many of us have wondered about.

So, in this blog post, we’ll help you spot 15 tech clues that might indicate infidelity and share some tips on how to gather evidence. We also advise you to study the topic as Track iPhone by number.

Why Should We Pay Attention to Tech Clues?

Technology has become an inseparable part of our lives, including our relationships. It’s not always sunshine and roses, though. Over a third of Americans suspected their partners of an online affair in 2020, as presented by Pew Research Center. Quite shocking, isn’t it?

But here’s the thing – it’s not just about those notorious cheating websites and apps. Your significant other could be texting someone else right under your nose. And let’s not forget about those social media networks, with their endless, anonymous messaging possibilities.

Nevertheless, technological advancements also provide us with tools to detect betrayal and protect our relationships. How? Let’s look at the most robust app on the market – mSpy.

How to Find All Cheating Clues at Once: mSpy

mSpy is a powerful mobile monitoring app designed to help you track activity on your partner’s smartphone or computer. It provides you with an up-to-date view of all the apps, messages, and websites they use.

So, if you’re wondering how to uncover tech clues about a potential cheating spouse, mSpy can be the answer. It will help you check if your partner is chatting with other people on social media or messaging apps. It can also reveal all of their emails and show you photos they share on private accounts.

But that’s not all – mSpy lets you see the GPS location of the device in real-time. So, if you get suspicious about a certain route your partner takes, you’ll know where they’ve been.

How to Use mSpy

Step 1. Create Your Account

Head over to mSpy’s website and create an account using your email address.

Step 2. Choose Your Subscription

Choose the right subscription plan that fits your needs. You’ll immediately receive the installation instructions with your activation code.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

The installation process should take just a few minutes to complete, after which you’ll be ready to access all the data from your Control Panel.

15 Tech Clues to a Cheating Spouse: What to Look For

Searching for evidence of cheating can feel overwhelming. Our phones are filled with data, and it’s hard to know where to start. Here are 15 tech clues that can give you hints about your partner’s infidelity:

  1. Unusual browser activity – if they’re often visiting websites that have nothing to do with their job or research, be extra careful.
  2. New accounts on social media platforms– look for any hidden or anonymous accounts they might have opened.
  3. Deleting of browser history – if your partner is frequently clearing their browsing history, it could be a sign that they’re hiding something from you.
  4. Increased smartphone activity– pay attention to how often they use their phones and what apps they open.
  5. Unusual calls or messages at odd hours – if your partner is getting phone calls in the middle of the night, this could be a sign of infidelity.
  6. Private messaging apps– look for any new chatting apps they might have installed on their phones. Signal, Viber, WeChat, and WhatsApp are just a few examples.
  7. Secret emails – if they have multiple email accounts, consider checking them out for suspicious activity.
  8. Suspicious activities on their credit card– pay attention to any strange purchases or subscriptions your partner might be making with their credit cards. Hotel charges, jewelry, or other gifts are all red flags.
  9. Strange GPS locations– if they’re constantly visiting unfamiliar places, this could be a sign of cheating.
  10. Text messages that don’t match the context– if you find texts that seem to come from someone else and don’t match the conversation topic, something might be going on.
  11. Unusual language in messages– if you stumble upon unfamiliar words or terms, it could mean your partner is talking to someone else.
  12. Hidden Apps: Some apps are designed to look like mundane tools (e.g., calculators), but they can be used to hide pictures and conversations.
  13. Wi-Fi signal in strange locations– if you notice your partner’s phone connecting to unknown Wi-Fi networks, it could indicate they’re meeting someone behind your back.
  14. Increased use of cloud services– if your partner uploads a lot of data to cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox, it could raise some suspicion.
  15. Unknown meetings on the calendar– if you notice any mysterious entries on your partner’s calendar, it might be a good idea to investigate further.