Animal Crossing Winter Recipe Guide – Best Way to Find All Winter Recipes

Animal Crossing Winter Recipe Guide – Best Way to Find All Winter Recipes

Winter is upon us! The glorious snow that appeared overnight comes with a few new mechanics. Like new seasonal recipes! Hurray! This is a recipe guide for the new season since the winter recipes are just so beautiful. The upcoming winter dates will bless us with 4 different series of furniture. Well, one isn’t really an officially separate series, but we are calling it its own series anyway. If you want to find the furniture quickly, then this is the article you should watch. And if you are a little short on the bells, then is the perfect place for you to buy animal crossing bells! Otherwise, let’s dive in. 

Animal Crossing Winter Recipe Guide

Best Animal Crossing Winter Recipe Guide – How To Find All The Winter Recipe 

  1. Snow Flake Series

There are two series that are newly available right now. They both require similar materials, but it’s best to keep them separate. First, we’ve got the snowflake series. This consists of a few ACNH items like wallpapers and floorings, as well as wreath and pochette. This series is available as long as there is snow on the ground: December 11th through February 24th, for the northern hemisphere, of course. They are the perfect items to change up the wintery feel of your house and get you in the cold cozy mood. Each recipe requires only snowflakes to craft. Snowflakes are collected like the spring cherry blossoms and the fall leaves; they’ll be flying through the sky and you must catch them with your net. Be sure to stop and grab them when you can. And keep an extra net on you, just in case.

  1. Frozen Series
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Next is the Frozen series. These are also available starting December 11th. You’ve probably seen some of this furniture in your villagers’ houses. This series really covers everything, from tables to pillars to counters. They can be customized to various ice colors which are pretty flashy. If you want to make your island feel really cold, scatter these items around. Every recipe in this series requires regular and large snowflakes to craft. The wand and the three-tiered snowperson require a little extra. And the most anticipated food is the popsicle. You can get these recipes from creating perfect snowboys.

  1. Festive Series – Toy Day

We also have the Festive series. With Toy Day approaching, we will be getting some holiday furniture to help our islands get into the festive mood. The festive recipes won’t be available until December 15th, but this time, it’s for both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. You’ll be able to find them in balloons until January 6th. They’re so glowy and sparkly. It kind makes you can’t wait to light up your island at night with the spirit of Christmas. The main ingredient in the series are ornaments. These ingredients can be found by shaking decorated trees. Similar to how we found acorns and pinecones for fall. Have fun shaking. Starting at the beginning of December, the upgraded Nook’s Cranny has a new seasonal item slot. This slot contains a different toy every day. And there’s some pretty cool stuff here. Make sure you’re checking your store every day to find out what the Nooklings decided to offer for a toy that day. Check out your friends’ stores as well. Some, if not all of these toy items, have at least 8 different color variations. There is one furniture series we have yet to see, and that’s the Toy Day furniture. We will most likely get this series during Toy Day when Jingle sends us on our holiday quests. In the past, we received Jingle furniture for participating in Toy Day. The Jingle Wall is available to us in the Festive series, but that’s it. We haven’t seen any hint of any other Jingle furniture. The holiday is time-locked, so that’s mostly likely the reason for the mystery. Not even the trailer gave us a sneak peek into what we can expect for the Jingle series. If the Jingle series even exists. The developers completely overhauled the Harvest Festival and turned it into Turkey Day while also completely redesigning the furniture. Which was for the best. This purple and pink furniture really needed an upgrade. The scale of the glow up of furniture in New Horizons compared to past games makes guessing what could be coming almost impossible. Players should have received the yule log in the mail a few weeks back and there’s a set of stockings that will be available at Nook’s Cranny at some point if it hasn’t shown up already for you. Again, make sure to check your store so you don’t miss out. There’s some holiday clothing available to purchase from Ables as well.

  1. Festive Series – New Year
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After Toy Day, New Year’s items will start to become available. some of the items should be available in the seasonal section of Nook Shopping and/or connected to the New Year’s Eve event. There’s a ton of food and drink items available. the holiday season is all so pretty, sparkly, crunchy, and beautiful. Make sure to plant some extra cedar trees so you get the twinkly lights all around your island, and more trees means more to shake for ornaments.

So that’s that all the winter recipe there is, if you want to stay relevant with all the news of animal crossing, make sure to check! We update creative ACNH Interior Designs and ACNH Island Designs daily, and with the holiday coming up, we are doing a giveaway, if you want to get free animal crossing bells, items, and nook miles tickets effortlessly, then come celebrate with us at!

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