Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide – 6 Beginners ACNH Tips & Tricks

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide – 6 Beginners ACNH Tips & Tricks

A lot of new players might be confused about a lot of things in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you just started off the games from a deserted island, and you don’t know what to do. Here is the ACNH guide to share some useful tips in order to avoid troubles.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide – 6 ACNH Tips & Tricks For Beginners 

6 ACNH Tips & Tricks For Beginners

ACNH Tip NO.1- How To Catch Fish Efficiently In Animal Crossing New Horizons

You spend a lot of time walking around your island fishing, catching bugs and then eventually giving them to blathers when you get new ones. The truth is that sometimes you’re not sure if you already got bugs and fishes before or if you actually have to donate them. So you take all of your bugs and fishes go to blathers and he’ll tell you oh no you’ve already given all these. It must feel sucks when you spend times and energy but it turns out to “oh no you’ve already given all these”

Tips for catching fishes or bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons is that When you actually catch a new bug or a new fish your character will actually say yes in the dialog box before it says what you caught so here on the screen. Once the dialogue option says yes and you run right to donate.

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ACNH Tip NO.2 – How To Speed Boost In Animal Crossing New Horizons

This is the Animal Crossing Tricks that some advanced players don’t even know though it’s simple. When you are crafting you can spam the A button to speed up the crafting animation as well as when you’re talking to villagers, you can press B to speed up the dialogue. But did you know that when you’re crafting you don’t have to spam A you just have to press it twice, literally double tap it and it will go faster so you can save your thumb muscles? Did you also know that you can just speed up the dialogue by pressing the L button to speed up the dialogue with villagers instead?

ACNH NO.3 – How To Get DIY Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Buy ACNH Items for DIY recipe is one of the most important things in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here is the Animal Crossing guide for beginners sharing 2 ways to get DIYS for free:

– The first tip is that make sure to run around your beaches every single day and pick up the bottle. What’s more, it has a message in the bottle as well as a DIY. You have to do that every single day and don’t miss it because you’ll be one day behind every single time.

– The second tip is that you can guarantee to get a DIY is by running to the villager houses around your island, and finding a villager who is crafting a DIY recipe. If you find one villager is crafting, your friends can come to your island buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket, luckily, he can get the same DIY Items.

ACNH Tip NO.4 – How To Get ACNH Bells For Free In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Have you ever walking around your island and noticed that little tiny stars on the floor? There is an item buried underground but something you might not know is that when you run up and you find a beautiful golden beam. If you dig it up you will get 1 000 ACNH bells for free. Furthermore, you can bury up to 10 000 bells in the hole until it grows into a tree that actually gives you back three times that amount of bells. Or you buy cheap ACNH bells directly from

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ACNH Tip NO.5 – How To Sell Fish At The Best Price In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Currently, you probably take the fish and sell it to the Nook Cranny. But if you can wait a bit longer both CJand Flick will come with their respective tournaments. There is Flex Bug Tournament and CJ’s Fish Catching Tournament. The best ACNH tips for beginners to earn more money is that sell the fishes you caught to them that day they are on your island.

ACNH Tip NO.6 – Make More Friends In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is all about community, if you don’t have any friends who join ACNH game, or they’re busy with lives and you can’t always be on at the exact same times. You always can go to Instagram, Twitter or Reddit to make friends. Having a bunch of friends can make your life in Animal Crossing New Horizons much happier!

That’s the great ACNH tips and tricks guide that will help you save time, money and have fun. Even if you are a starter, who doesn’t know the game well, you can follow the tutorial to start your own Animal Crossing.

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