All You Ever Wanted to Know about Vinyl Car Decals

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Vinyl Car Decals

It is pretty common to find vehicle decals on the street. There are predominantly two applications for vehicle decals and stickers. They are commonly used for business promotion and advertising. Moreover, they are used for personalization. Vinyl car stickers or decals are equally popular with an individual vehicle owner and even a fleet owner.

As per the statistics provided by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, people in the United States spend 51 minutes driving daily on average. Hence, mobile advertising using vehicle decals and stickers could be the right choice for boosting brand awareness and overall brand promotion. According to Forbes, branding is critical for both large and small businesses alike. Branding is vital, irrespective of the size of an organization. Street advertising really helps boost brand recognition.

Two Main Kinds of Vehicle Decals

Cling Decals

We know that cling decals possess a static charge that makes it convenient and seamless to stick them on non-porous smooth surfaces such as, glass or plastic. You may remove or reposition cling decals without worrying about leaving behind residues or unsightly stains on the surface. Cling decals cannot remain stuck in place over extended periods because they come without adhesives.

Vinyl Decals

There are chiefly two kinds of vinyl decals: opaque and clear. Both clear and opaque decals are anti-scratch and waterproof.

Printing Method

Digital Printing: If you opt for digital printing, it helps to demonstrate intricate designs or patterns in high resolution. Moreover, its MOQ is lower and production efficiency is higher. Moreover, a few special graphic effects like 3D graphics or even gradients color may be achieved successfully through cutting-edge digital printing.

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Screen Printing: Vehicle decal production is possible through an effective screen printing method. They have been designed for withstanding outdoor elements. Moreover, screen-printed car decals are affordable and durable. They may be in perfect condition and last for as many as nine years. You may customize them in metallic colors.

What Type of Adhesive Is Used for Vinyl Vehicle Decals?

Vinyl vehicle decals generally use two kinds of adhesives: removable and permanent. The decals with permanent adhesive will leave behind residues when the decals are removed. The decals with removable adhesive will not leave behind any undesirable or unsightly residues whatsoever. The static clings come without adhesives and may be removed or replaced effortlessly.

Dry or Wet Application

You may opt for either a wet or dry installation method, depending on your unique requirements and preferences. Whether to opt for dry application or wet application is a decision that depends on the decal size and its material.

Vinyl Vehicle Decal Benefits 

  • Helps to expose your brand to a much wider audience hence, boosting your overall brand awareness.
  • They come in eye-catching designs and vibrant colors to grab instant consumer attention. Your brand will be noticed by your target audience.
  • Best for local advertising. Vehicle decals are custom-tailored to boost local advertising. By utilizing vehicle decals and stickers, you promote your organization or brand straightaway to your local audience.
  • They may be easily replaced or removed.
  • Helps to build a credible brand.


Vehicle decals are best for advertising. Moreover, they are powerful and capable enough to build a strong brand. Go for them.

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