AI and Data Annotation Trends for 2022

AI and Data Annotation Trends for 2022

With the tech industry getting hyped in recent times, machine learning and artificial intelligence have become two of their dominating parts. These two factors help businesses to achieve various goals and create innovative products. If you want to know more about the predicted AI and data annotation trends for 2022, you are precisely at the right place.

AI and Data Annotation Trends for 2022

What is Data Annotation?

The labeling and categorization of the data for the AI applications are what Data Annotation is all about. It is also used in machine learning projects that include image annotation and text annotation to let machines know what they should learn and help companies improve and build AI implementations.

Top Trends 2022:

Here are the top trends in AI Data Annotations for 2022:

1- Cybersecurity Applications:

New methodologies are being developed for making cybersecurity risk-free and more automated with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. AI is used in cybersecurity for data classifying, clustering, processing, and filtering. Organizations are getting help through AI to improve the performance of big data technologies. By 2026, it is predicted that AI and ML in cybersecurity will reach 38.2 billion dollars.

2- Business Analysis and Forecasting

AI and data annotation has made business analysis and forecasting a lot easier than before. With the help of AI and ML, you can have access to various matrices to come up with better and accurate predictions.

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3- AI and ML intersection with IoT

With all other benefits, AI and ML also make IoT devices smarter and more secure. It is predicted that around 80% of the IoT projects will incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2022. From smart wearables to smart homes and cities, the intersection of AI and ML makes a massive contribution in automatically generating data and detecting anomalies.

4- Rise of Augmented Intelligence

In order to enhance cognitive performance, the amalgamation of humans and machines is what augmented intelligence is related to. It is predicted that by 2023, 40% of the operation teams and infrastructure will use AI-augmented automation to have higher IT productivity. It helps organizations collect all kinds of data from various sources that include structured and not-structured data. Healthcare, financial services, travel, and retail are the sectors where augmented intelligence is rising with time.

5- Role of AI in Hollywood:

Humans and AI worked together to come up with the best results in motion capture technology. However, how do you feel about robots performing all the entirely helmed scenes by an AI director? No, this is not too much, as it is predicted that an AI will be seen screening the scripts and suggesting the studio buy rights in the near future.


AI data annotation is not bound to some functions as there are various others like regulation of digital data and voice assistance in which these two are getting all the importance. However, the five trends discussed in this article are the main ones that will be in play in the coming year.

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