A Remarkably Worth Product- Iphone 8

A Remarkably Worth Product- Iphone 8

Apple Inc. has a simple vision that is made in a manifesto dated in 2009 that they believe they are on the face of the Earth to make products that are not changing. Its mission is to bring the best user experience by using its innovative software, hardware, and services. And this is reflected in their products.

Worth Product- Iphone 8

Apple’s one of the greatest creation- iPhones

The iPhone collection is coming forward in the market gradually with powerful iOS and has a stable buyer front. These mobile phones have been very vastly popular and need no introduction. Apple makes sure that there are improvements with every model they launch; more flattering features with each update. One of these models is iPhone 8 which gets you awestruck.

iPhone 8 and its wonders

Well, people already know there are new models in town but why look for another when there is a great package deal in this model itself? A lot of the world’s population tend to revert from buying any product from Apple Inc. because of the pricing range. Well, yes some jokes are moving around and a tendency to avoid buying expensive electronics.

But what if the deal itself is not expensive when looking at what features it holds? The iPhone 8 provides this exact solution. It can be said that if someone wants a larger iPhone at a lower cost, this particular mobile phone is what they need.

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The iPhone 8 comes in three variant models (A1863, A1905, A1906), and iPhone 8 Plus comes in three variants as well (A1864, A1867, A1898). There are two options launched with 64GB and 256GB choices. The price ranges from 699 USD to 849 USD approximately.

What are the iPhone 8 attractive features?

The list could be called ‘endless’ in terms of its beautiful engineering. Apart from the technical specifications, there are some extra features added to it that make it a wonderful option within the budget. Some of which being-

All-new portrait lighting mode

  • Small but impressive
  • Faster and better

The rear camera has a 12MP dual sensor with enhanced bokeh mode now comes with a dubbed Portrait Lighting in iPhone 8. The abilities of the A11 Bionic chip inside are too powerful.

It can work algorithmically to contour any face while changing the lighting dynamically. The portrait mode does need some setting up like any other mobile phone but this new feature is all it takes to make a big difference in the outcome.

All it takes is a little focus on the settings of this mode and there you go- spectacular photographs!

A11 Bionic engine

  • Nice speed
  • Brilliant benchmark results

Apple is quite impressive when it comes to naming their chips nowadays. After the A10 fusion, the A11 bionic might not make much sense in terms of work but it is still evocative.

The 2017 chipset inside with six cores amongst which four efficiently do the basic performing and the other two do the heavy lifting. With features like photo editing, multitasking, the bokeh mode in portrait, there comes the requirement of a chip that will provide real power for everything to work flawlessly. There must not be any lags while working on any app. This is handled by an A11 Bionic chip.

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The pure gold desire on the back cover

  • Gives a luxurious look
  • The glass back allows a better wireless charging

Looking from an aesthetic point of view, the iPhone 8 has bagged the price of having a really good back. Compared to its predecessors this new feature attracts more buyers than usual.

The gold aluminum rim with the white/gold back mixes like a fairytale. The other color variants it comes in are red, space gray, and silver- yet, the gold is what buyers crave. The luxury sparkles in every centimeter of its design.

Some glass backs might seem fragile and ask for high maintenance. Yes, it is a real problem but it is also convenient. And any electronic device needs maintenance and safety. This has enabled wireless charging. Isn’t it convenient to just place the phone over a charging pad rather than plugging and unplugging a charger? It has become now.

A friendly disclaimer: buyers would need to purchase the wireless charging pad, the Airpower, separately just like for any other models now. Apple Inc. has now excluded chargers from the box and now sells them individually. This does balance the investment on the package because the charging is fast enough for a brilliant experience.

Better speaker and true tone screen

  • Speakers are now noticeably louder than before
  • Improvement in the color reproduction and temperature

Seeing iPhone 8 5.5 inches full HD display and not assuming that makes no difference is wrong. The resolution and size of the display have popping, vivid, and strong colors.

If there is a comparison between this model and older model, the difference is too prominent to ignore. The true tone technology is adopted from iPad Pro. It makes the ambient lighting and temperature much better to look at with naked eyes.

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Battery durability

  • Middling battery life

The battery life is quite impressive and doesn’t affect daily tasks. Though this might not make much of a difference when compared to other models but the fast charging even when the battery is less than 50% bar is splendid.

Wireless charging is new but soon has taken a place in the tech market. Now, as a feature of the iPhone 8 the chances of receiving a better performance even while playing high graphical games is a point to consider when buying.

Is iPhone 8 worth buying in 2021?

This is a very interesting question when new launches are coming up every year and also new features are being presented. But as these happen, the cost also increases. So, after accumulating everything together in mind iPhone 8 is just the right option for any mobile phone user. And this model adds up the punch if someone was afraid to but now wants to switch to iOS.

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