8 Traits of a Strong Business Leader

8 Traits of a Strong Business Leader

Not everyone has what it takes to be a strong and successful business leader. You have so many different things to think about and have to make some tough decisions whilst considering what is best for the business, the team and the customers. Often, business leaders have to make sacrifices, but they also have to be disciplined and committed. If you are in a business leadership position, these traits may resonate with you, and if you have an interest in reaching this level on the career ladder, then you need to ensure that you possess these eight traits of a strong business leader.

1. Self-Awareness

Having the ability to understand your strengths and weaknesses is an essential trait of an effective business leader. Many people go out of their way to cover up their weaknesses, but as a leader this is not beneficial or productive. Instead, address them so a solution can be found and you can effectively delegate tasks to someone who has stronger abilities. Being a leader doesn’t mean you are an expert in every aspect of the business; it means you have the capabilities to lead a team effectively and being able to recognise your short comings is a big part of this.

2. Decisiveness

Decisions need to be made quickly and effectively. As a business leader, people are looking to you to make these decisions and for guidance. You cannot be afraid of making the wrong decision, and you must have confidence in what you decide. It may not always be the right choice, but then you will have to effectively solve this further down the line. Making no decision is a decision in itself, and something many people do to put off taking action because they aren’t entirely sure what to do. But this only creates more problems down the line. As a leader, you need to be decisive and have direction, no matter how certain you are it is the correct choice. Any direction is better than no direction.

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3. Fairness

As a business leader, you will likely be responsible for a group of people. To effectively manage and coordinate them, you have to treat everyone equally at all times, no matter what the situation or circumstance. Often, you wont have chance to dive deep into each circumstance that arises, but instead, you need to have developed principles and practices that are fair to everyone. Fairness also means you give everyone equal opportunities, and reward them accordingly. There may be certain employees that really excel in specific tasks and they usually get given these to complete, but make sure you also give everyone else the opportunity to undergo the same tasks and keep it fair – you can’t have favourites.

4. Knowledge

Whilst you need to have these leadership skills and abilities, you also need to be highly knowledgeable in your field. It is crucial that you don’t get comfortable and continue to strengthen your skill set and further your knowledge in all areas of your job. Furthering your education with a Doctor of Business Administration is one way of staying on top of your game when it comes to business leadership roles. An online dba from Aston University is designed for business executives looking to gain critical. analytical, and strategic thinking capabilities, which are vital within the business environment of today.

5. Motivation

As a leader, knowing your team and how to motivate them effectively is essential for maximum business productivity and fostering a working environment that is eager to progress and dive in. If you are enthusiastic and motivated towards success, you can harbour this drive in your team as well. No employee is going to be more motivated to work hard and put in the time or effort for the business if the boss clearly doesn’t feel this way. A good leader will develop different ways of motivating their team depending on the individuals. People respond to different rewards and outcomes, so getting to know your team and what works best for them is an essential element to business leadership.

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6. Integrity

Your team need to respect you, but you shouldn’t have to remind them that you hold a senior role. Don’t use your title as a way of getting out of doing things and delegating tasks that you don’t want to do to others. This is no way to earn the respect of your team and have them working at the best of their ability. You need to lead by example and set a precedent within your business. The culture of a company and the working environment is a reflection of the leadership. This is why you have to chip in and do your bit to create a positive and cooperative working environment that people feel comfortable and driven in.

7. Resilience

Ups and downs are just a part of life, and also a part of business. Success and growth aren’t linear; it is a complete journey through tunnels, round mountains, over lakes and with more twists, turns and obstacles than you can ever prepare for. An effective business leader has the mental strength and resilience to bounce back from these struggles, come up with innovative solutions and always learn from their experiences. You have to be resilient when times are hard, so you can come out the other end stronger, with more knowledge and ready for success.

8. Creativity

Strong business leaders are able to think outside of the box; they can come up with creative solutions to problems, develop innovative ideas to boost business and use clever strategies to promote the growth of the business. If a leader has a creative flare when it comes to business, they end up reaping a whole load of positive benefits for the company, profits, customers and employees. Each business is different, and every situation encountered unique, which is why creativity is required to adapt to the needs of the situation and come up with process and strategies that are specifically tailored to the business.

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As a business leader you will win some and you will lose some, but the key to being strong is having these traits that will set you up for a fulfilling and prosperous career.

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