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7 Amazing Plugins That Help You To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

You might be wondering what a WordPress Multisite is. It is nothing but a feature of WordPress facilitating users to create a network of websites on a single WordPress installation. Through this feature, you will also be in a position to manage multiple websites from one single dashboard. To achieve this objective, all you need to do is to key in the unique username and password every time you wish to login to the multisite.

For all those who are looking to unleash the power of WordPress Multisite, here is the list of 7 fantastic plugins that can help you. If talking about multiple WordPress site security, there is also an all-in-one security solution called Comodo Multi Domain SSL that secures multiple domains with a single certificate.


Top 7 WordPress Plugins for the Efficient Management of WordPress Multisite

  1. Jetpack

Tagged as one of the most patronized WordPress plugins, Jetpack comes with a solid 5 million user base. Through this free-to-use plugin, you can manage, customize and install multiple WordPress sites. The inclusion of web security is a breeze with the Jetpack multiple site management tool, also called as Jetpack Manage.

Through this tool, you can also keep a close watch on creating and updating web content. You can also lay hands on comprehensive site statistics along with making website monitoring. The list of benefits offered by Jetpack does not end here. Enabling automatic and manual updates for multiple websites, this multi-purpose plugin comes as a boon to manage content and posts from a single dashboard.

  1. Menus

True to its name, Menus is a simple yet highly-functional multisite WordPress plugin that can step in to enable and disenable backend menus. Through this plugin, you can not only simplify the multiple options that various menus offer, you can also append useful features or delete redundant features in a website. Other features of the Menus plugin include: the hiding of menus, discarding the admin bar menu listings and disabling media uploads from the media menu. You can also employ the Menus plugin to avail various alternatives of toggle administration menus. However, you should keep in mind that the sole authority of all the menus rests in the hands of a super admin.

  1. Multisite Plugin Manager

The Multisite Plugin Manager is an awesome resource that allows you to exercise complete control over all the plugins that are under the purview of network blog administrators. With this plugin by your side, you can perform a number of actions including the assigning of plugin access to users based on per-blog criteria. While creating a blog, this plugin helps you to automatically activate the content creation plugins. Through this amazing tool, you will be in a strong position to collectively activate and deactivate various plugins across the entire network of sites.

  1. ManageWP

If you are scouting for a free and all-in-one solution that enables you to manage multiple WordPress sites, look no further and check out the ManageWP multisite WordPress management tool. In addition to overseeing the core operations of backing up data, compiling all the data on to a single dashboard and permitting you to perform bulk updates and actions, ManageWP offers a list of additional features.

This tool helps you to engage in client report creation along with making the most of the Google analytics integration and web statistics tools. You will also have the luxury of multi-site plugin/theme updates supported by an auto back feature. With so much in favor of this tool, ManageWP comes across as the most opted plugin to effectively manage all your WordPress sites from one dashboard. Offering an easy-to-use interface, ManageWP looks into the performance of your websites, ensures periodic security checks and clears spam. ManageWP also steps in to support multisite logins.

  1. Multisite Language Switcher

All those websites which need to be translated into different languages can rely on the Multisite Language Switcher. Through this plugin, you will be able to offer a complete multilingual support in a multisite environment. That means, this plugin which employs 27 translators will look into all the activities revolving around translations of your web pages, your posts, categories and comments into various global languages.

  1. User Role Editor

Next in the list of the best WordPress plugins meant for the multisite environment is the User Role Editor. Aptly named, this is a user role customization plugin that helps you to effectively manage the roles of users logged on to a multisite. You know for a fact that every user in WordPress takes on the default role of a subscriber. You just need to perform a couple of mouse clicks before you change the user roles on your WordPress. That means, the various permissions that can either be given to/taken away from users can be effectively handled by this plugin.

You can either check or uncheck different boxes so that you will either give or remove certain capabilities to users. Along with defining different user roles, this plugin can help you block certain users from performing certain tasks. Enabling you to effectively manage user accesses in sync with their roles, the User Role Editor can also help you import or export a user.

  1. Multisite Enhancement

If you are on the brink of enhancing your WordPress multisite, you will invariably need the support of the Multisite Enhancement plugin. This is a tool that can help you enhance your network territory and its various functions alongside assisting you to collate information about extended menus. Through this plugin, you can organize the network area by adding useful and new functions to the ‘Network Admin’ bar of the multisite.

In addition to helping you display active plugin status, this tool can help you identify the child theme. During the process of installation, this plugin can add functions and status to every site. Last but not the least, this tool permits single targeting and makes use of the theme for filtration.

Key Takeaways

All in an attempt to create or delete any number of sites with minimum sweat and time, you can avail the multisite WordPress capabilities through a number of plugins. These plugins come in as a boon to all those who are looking to thrive in a multisite WordPress environment with just a couple of mouse-clicks.

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