6 People Who Became Millionaires Because of Bitcoin

Everyone investing in the Bitcoin will be interested in knowing stories about Bitcoin millionaires. Making money fast is the key consideration when you are planning to try your luck at cryptocurrency investments. Bitcoin can actually make you rich overnight if you know the rules of play. It is not easy to make money with crypto coins because the prices keep oscillating between high and low, and the market is very volatile. There are no set rules that you can follow when you invest in Bitcoins; you must invest a lot of effort and time in understanding how the market works. There are lots of companies in the market where you can invest but many of them are not trustable so you have to find out a trustable company like SoFi where you can buy any cryptocurrency.

Here are some inspiring tales of people who became millionaires with Bitcoin:

  1. Barry Silbert: He is the CEO of DGC or Digital Currency Group that aims to accelerate evolution of the world financial system. In doing so, it supports the creation of the blockchain and Bitcoins. During a recent transaction, the Coindesk which is a leading Bitcoin news sources was acquired by DGC. This company has put its money in many Bitcoin-related firms and Barry Silbert has been given the title of “The King of Crypto”. He also own Genesis which deals with digital currencies and Grayscale also dedicated to digital currency investments.
  2. Yifu Guo was a student of New York University and the first of Bitcoin miners. He came up with the Avalon in 2012 and this company became a pioneer Bitcoin mining firm. Miners created by Avalon became bestsellers and they came to be sold at very high prices right after they got launched. Although Guo exited Avalon and other companies emerged that started building and selling mining equipment, he had become a millionaire simply by constructing miners for Bitcoin mining. Here is bitcoin loophole review which will provide an insight about how the bitcoin trading can be quickly and efficiently done using automated trading software applications.
  3. Winklevoss Twins are known for their legal controversy with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have a joint net worth of $400 million and they became millionaires once their Facebook legal suit got settled. They then invested this money into crypto coins and turned billionaires in 2017 when Bitcoin prices skyrocketed. They have almost 1% of the total Bitcoins in circulation. The twins also created a system for storing private keys for crypto assets. They launched the Gemini, the first regulated cryptoexchange for crypto coins and it is used for setting Bitcoin spot prices.
  4. Dan Morehead, founder of Pantera Capital is another name on this list. The Pantera had come out with the first crypto fund in 2013, and by 2018, became a leading institutional owner of crypto coins. This fund has given high returns to its investors ever since its inception. Morehead was an erstwhile Goldman Sachs trader and is currently on the BitStamp board.
  5. Tony Gallippi founded BitPay and this was the first to build a Bitcoin payment processor. The company mainly focuses on real estate, retail payments and bonds and stocks. This firm was also the first to enter into agreements with important retailers. Gallippi has had a lot of experience in the financial world and BitPay currently processes payments to the tune of $1 million every day.
  6. Erik Finman was an early Bitcoin investor and one of the world’s youngest crypto millionaires. He started investing since 2011 when prices of Bitcoins were only$12. Towards 2013 end he sold off his Bitcoins when prices escalated to $1200. With his earnings he then founded an educational tech company Botangle in 2014.