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5 Reasons To Use Automated Webinars in Your Marketing Plan

5 Reasons To Use Automated Webinars in Your Marketing Plan

To host a large-scale event, you’ll need time and help. How can it be done quickly and easily? Take advantage of webinars on autopilot!

When you prepare an automated event, you plan and record ahead of time. This will give you all the possibilities you’ll ever need to make changes and polish your script.

Continue reading as we’ll look at how these will change your digital marketing strategy. And why you need to use one.

What Is an Automated Webinar?

Webinars have two ways to start with: automated and live webinars.

Automated webinars are a less common notion than live webinars. But they’ve become popular in recent months. More businesses worldwide find out ways to get benefits from planning a pre-recorded presentation.

A pre-recorded webinar goes one step further by providing an on-demand version that attendees can access at any time. Instead of scheduling a time for a live webinar that you hope fits a wide range of schedules. An automated webinar is a great method to communicate with prospects when they have the time.

Why Choose To Create Automated Webinars

When organizing a webinar, you have two options. It either goes live or captures live events and plays it back afterward for attendees. Why choose the automated one?

Let’s go through the 5 reasons why you should include pre-recorded webinars in your marketing strategy.

Cost and time-saving

To begin with, an automated webinar allows you to ensure that your presentation is flawless before it is shared with the rest of the attendees. One of the best aspects is that you are not competing with the clock to market your product or service.

In contrast, live webinars can eat up a lot of your time. You’ll need to create a registration page or thank you emails. And even organize dry runs with your speaker, among other things. And if you decide to do that webinar-live a second time, you’ll have to start from scratch.

It takes time and resources to create a more effective and best presentation. Having the power to replay a webinar automatically can save you a lot of time and money. You are not limited to one attempt and are not required to appear on the spot!

It’s simple to share

Automated webinars are easily shareable with a wider audience. When a prospect watches it and likes what they see and finds value in the information, they want to share it on social media. Mostly use the method of emailing their coworkers or friends with a link to watch it.

You can’t distribute the content as easily as you can with a live webinar. And even if you can, the context may be lost if you didn’t attend the live event.

Because automated webinars aren’t designed to be live, anyone can view them and comprehend what they’re about! As a result, sharing is more likely better.

Always have a presentation on hand

An automated webinar has the advantage of being available at all times. It’s a marketing tool that will continue to exist, ready for potential customers to view and learn about your business. This covers others who have previous commitments. But it also includes entire countries in different time zones for whom attending your webinar would be too inconvenient.

Companies that use live webinars must host them regularly. That is not the case with automated PowerPoint slides. It’s a nuisance to redo the same webinar two days later and then a week later for a new audience. You’ll always have access to this awesome evergreen content.

Maintain your consistency

Your guests will have a more consistent experience if you repeat your marketing webinars with the same content and flow. You may wonder how to customize each webinar to your audience, as you may have new answer questions.

The different webinar software allows you to add animations, event polls. Mostly, have real-time Q&A sessions. Using an automated webinar will let you keep on the right track and be consistent at the same time.

A lead generation tool

Because the presentation is always on and visible to prospects, you may use it as a lead generation tool. Thus, it’s great for the sales funnel at any time. Investing in automated ones can improve your production quality and, as a result, have a good impact on your brand’s reputation.

Because an automated session isn’t a live one, real-time broadcast, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. This is crucial for ensuring that these generate inbound leads.

Make an Automated Webinar a Choice!

Automated sessions or webinars are pre-made funnels that produce leads and prospects daily while allowing you to maximize your time. These automated webinars will enable you to put the video out there when it’s fully edited, optimized, and ready to watch!

Furthermore, consider people by sending them valuable automated webinars at a time that suits their schedule. Thus, stage in the buyer’s journey. Make it a great choice more than a live webinar.

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