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5 Practical Perks Of Conducting Content Audit

by AnnCastro

For most businesses, investing time and money on content marketing strategies could be a long and complicated journey. It requires researching, creating, publishing, distributing, and measuring the content marketing strategy. But having a successful content marketing journey can provide favourable results. To ensure that the efforts will not go to waste, a thorough website content audit must be included in the strategy.

5 Practical Perks Of Conducting Content Audit

By definition, a content audit deals with a detailed look at all the existing content of the website. It is needed to make sure that each content remains accurate, relevant, and engaging. It must determine which content is effective on the website and expose all the gaps that need to be addressed. It should also point out which content is already addressed for proper updating. Once everything has been discovered, the content creator can finally improve the website’s marketing efforts.

If you are not keen on starting a content audit on your site, these reasons might convince you to start investing time and effort in this strategy.

Reason #1: Point Out The Website Content Problems

When reviewing the website’s content assets, you will be presented with various performance problems. It will prompt you to start addressing all the existing issues. The content audit will direct you to the areas where you need to revise broken links or enhance the accessibility to the site.

Once these issues are fixed, you will be able to boost the website’s search value. It can also improve the user experience of the site to make it more appealing to new users and encourage returning visitors.

Reason #2: Figure Out Content Repurposing Opportunities

Enhancing the site’s usability, visitor loyalty, and search ranking would need plenty of valuable, current information. But fresh content may not always be necessary. You can revise some of your existing blog posts, guest articles, and other content collaterals to keep up with the times and achieve current marketing objectives.

This perk will allow you to reduce your content creation process. Revising existing content can lessen the need for thorough research and writing. You can make an outdated article more relevant by adding current updates about the topic.

Reason #3: Distinguish Content Gaps

Aside from allowing you to have an inventory of all the data included in the website, the content audit can also pinpoint the areas that lack information. It is necessary to keep your audience satisfied since they will have all the necessary information that they seek from your website.

By knowing all the content gaps of the website, you will have a deeper idea about the type of content that you need to add to your marketing strategy. Creating the missing content will boost your site value. It would also improve your brand standings since you will reduce the abandonment rate.

5 Practical Perks Of Conducting Content Audit

Reason #4: Evaluate The Quality Of Content

The content audit of your website will be able to check out the quality of your current content line-up. It will be able to tell you if most of your content is high-quality, medium-quality, or low-quality. You will also find out if you have plenty of lengthy and rich content or light and short content.

The website crawlers of Google can know which of the content posted online are repetitive, invaluable, or lacking substance. Once the search engine flagged your page for any of these reasons, the penalty can affect your site’s search engine rankings. But if you have the opportunity to find such content before the crawlers do, you can revise it to avoid penalties.

Reason #5: Enhance Information Structure

Even if you have plenty of strong content on your site, your users will find no use in it if the content is hard to reach. By implementing a content audit, you will be able to determine if there are posts that are not accessible for the users.

You may use important analytics data and applicable search terms for this function. It will help you determine the best and most efficient way to make your content easier to find by both your target audience and the search engine crawlers.

The main objective of running a content audit is to present a complete content framework to know which ones must be edited, omitted, repurposed, reorganised, optimised, or recreated. You may do the auditing of the content by yourself. Still, you may also outsource the task to a digital marketing expert that specialises in content management for a more comprehensive content audit process. Once done, you can be assured that your website only contains quality content that your target users would love to revisit all the time.

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