5 Major Digital PR Myths And Mistakes You Need To Know About

5 Major Digital PR Myths And Mistakes You Need To Know About

When it comes to digital PR, many agencies and companies do not have the proper concept about it. And this leads them to believe several myths, and they end up making some mistakes as well.

Being engaged with a public relations agency, we have experienced the highs along with the lows of industries, economics, and public relations. And with my experience, we can tell you that unrealistic expectations can really be the top reason for failure.

5 Major Digital PR Myths And Mistakes You Need To Know About

Misconceptions about PR or public relations are all around us and sometimes it requires digital pr consultancy to distinguish fact from fiction.

1. Press Release Delivers Like Advertising

Just like SEO, Press Release and Public Relations are also organic. When it comes to KPI, just like paid advertising, it also can be held to the same KPIs. Press Release and search engine optimization are not predictable.

Although every part of the funnel can be influenced by public relations, the basic function is to feature brand awareness. Studies tell that 70% of consumers will find out about a service or product through editorial instead of ads.

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2. Digital PR Is Only About Press Releases

In today’s digital public relations strategies, press releases do have a position. A solid public relation has to include some other elements. They are:

  • Storytelling through visuals.
  • Guest posts.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Content marketing.

3. You Have To Be Famous To Be Benefited From PR

In reality, most PR agencies do not represent big brands or famous people. Smaller boutique agencies are more focused on more personal stories. All these brands can benefit from public relations as much as celebrity status brands do.

For ensuring sustained growth, PR will build a reputation for them and let the world know about their offerings. Journalists often prefer smaller companies more. Rather than a mainstream business, the personal and unique business makes it easier for them to craft a story.

4. PR Impacts The Top Of The Funnel Only

Most people believe that digital public relations only impacts the top of the funnel. Which means it only develops brand awareness. That’s not how PR works. Public relations is all about creating credibility along with maintaining the reputation of the brands from top to down the funnel.

PR lets brands reach each audience at any point of the funnel. Along with building top-of-the-funnel awareness, Public relation also influences the bottom of the funnel’s decision while strengthening customer retention.

5. Traditional PR Is Dead

You may have heard that traditional PR is dead, but in reality, it is not dead; it is evolving. When print media is still in rotation, traditional media has become digital. Rather than extensions, we would like to address it as a transition. Smaller publications have shifted to online with mainstream magazines. But the relationships of PR professionals and reporters are still the same.

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Some More Myths

Apart from the 5 major digital myths and mistakes that we have enlisted above, there are some more that you should avoid.

  • For 3 months, clients can try out PR.
  • Be your PR agency on autopilot mode.
  • Digital PR might be a set it and forget it.
  • Journalists can wait, so take your time.
  • Big advertising budgets while simply no PR budget.
  • Each month, the PR result will be consistent.
  • PR professionals are the spin doctors.
  • The best PR agencies are in New York and Los Angeles.


There you have it; these are the mistakes you should avoid while growing your business or brand. It will be best if you do not fall for these myths and end up making these mistakes. If you cannot manage your digital PR by yourself, seek help from the right PR agency.

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