5 Best IOS Services for Business 2019

5 Best IOS Services for Business 2019
Written by Team GeekyBytes

The year 2019 is already gaining momentum and everyone is busy making plans for their businesses, academics, and travel. You may have even bought an iPhone X to keep up with the wave of change in a world where smartphones are indispensable. Moreover, with technology always taking precedence in the business arena, a question every entrepreneur should ask is whether they already have in place, new and reliable iPhone services going forward. And if not, what should they do to keep up with the pace of people looking for finetech solutions?

For example, how do want clients to find your business online this year? Do you have in place new and safer invoicing service? How about delivering a self-service shopping experience to clients through Applications linked to new marketing technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? While, these questions could go on and on, in the end,  running a successful business in 2019 boils down to keeping abreast with latest developments, and in this case, the best IOS services.

This post samples top five among many in the market, and which will undoubtedly give you an important edge against competitors going forward, so keep reading to find out.

  • Full Contact

Full Contact is a service that will sync list of your clients from different contact channels and integrate them onto a single platform. This way, you can access everything on the go and for free. You must already know that businesses can hardly thrive without keeping a list of clients, both loyal and prospective ones for marketing purposes.

And if you would like to send unique offers such as promo code to clients, Full Contact will make it possible. You can attach notes to each contact name for purposes of remembering specific details about clients.

  • FreshBooks

In 2019, FreshBooks still reek of freshness in every way. It comes with a simplified user interface, cloud computing and accounting functionalities.  With it, a businessperson using IOS can track sales, profits and expenses, all on the go. You can also track amount of time an employee spends doing a project/task, thereby, a handy productivity service for auto invoice generation. You can also use FreshBooks to file tax returns.

  • Concur

If you run a business with several employees, it is important to have a system that tracks incoming and outgoing receipts. Concur makes that possible through a snap and file functionality. You can either go for a free version or enroll for a subscription for extra features. Moreover, it is accessible online to IOS users who want to tabulate reimbursements and expenses.

  • Spark

Every businessperson should keep an email list of clients, especially in this age and time when most transactions take place online. With Spark, an IOS emailing service, everything is easy and simple. It creates a smart inbox by categorizing and ranking emails into different tabs for easy access. Moreover, if you want to get notification about important emails as they arrive in your inbox, Spark makes that happen, not to mention smart reply functionality among other amazing features.

For a student who is busy doing assignments, it is obviously the best emailing service you would need to keep abreast with important notifications such as those regarding class announcements and correspondences from a write at do my homework custom paper service.

  • Todoist

Todoist is an Apple device compatible service that works across mobile and PC platforms. It is what you need to realize organization and productivity in your business. With it, a business owner can create tasks/projects and assign employees. It further makes it possible to prioritize issues so that the most important ones appear at the top. You could use it alongside Fantastical 2 calendar which is equally compatible with IOS devices.

The Bottom Line

In summary, running a business in this age and time would be very difficult with online services that make it easy to schedule, manage and track tasks. Information in this post should, therefore, help you settle on something that will boost productivity, enhance efficiency and streamline service delivery. For a student looking for assignment help online, you can start with writemypaper should be among the many stopovers you make.

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