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5 Benefits of Linux over Windows

It’s common for people to get confused over the choice of host operating system to use on their computer. Often, people don’t know things to consider when they have to choose between Windows and Linux. A lot of users will go for Linux if they realize the benefits of Linux over Windows. Ewritingservice.com experts prepared these 5 reasons to choose Linux:

1. Annoying Crashes And Reboots

Choosing Linux over Windows is like saying goodbye to those annoying messages from Windows. Sometimes, Windows suddenly displays a message that machine needs to restart. Also on Windows, you can see confusing messages about software update.

Windows users can see messages on different kinds of update critical, update roll up, feature pack, service pack tool, security e.t.c. While performing a software update, Windows is fond of rebooting many times. Things are different on Linux. On Linux, the system doesn’t need a machine reboot to update software. However, some configuration tasks may require a manual system reboot so you may want to take a look at this Linux restart command guide for further information.

  1. Total Cost of Ownership

Linux is free, but Windows is not. Cost of Windows OS may appear cheap for personal use, but when you use it to run a business, you’ll realize that it’s costly. Running Windows OS on many computers means that you’ll have to pay a huge amount. You’ll have to pay for both OS license and packages like MS office. On Linux, both OS license and application are free. The moment you get Linux OS, it becomes your property, and you can use it the way it suits you without renewing any fee.

3. Freedom

Linux has an open-source system that allows users to take full control. It allows users to customize all aspects of the operating system to meet their requirements. Unlike Windows that’ll bore you with default desktop themes, Linux will let you choose from plenty of desktop themes. You can use Linux as a desktop, a server, and a firewall. Users can download source codes and modify Linux OS easily. Linux is the home of software freedom.

4. Hardware

Linux system consumes fewer system resources when we compare it to Windows. By consuming few resources, it’s able to runs faster than Windows on computers. If you use an old computer or one with low RAM, Linux is the best OS to use. Windows is likely going to use all the resources on your computer and make it freeze or malfunction.

5. Security

Windows OS is vulnerable to malware and viruses. Linux, on the other hand, is safe from many viruses and malware. Linux has some ways of protecting itself. It doesn’t give admin access to users by default, so it prevents the indiscriminate and accidental download of files. Even if a malicious software gets into the system, it’s almost impossible for it to run without the user’s permission. On Linux, users need to permit attachments before it open. Such permission makes the user a safety checker, so the chance of infection is low. Also, many experts lookout for security issues since Linux is an open-source OS.


Linux is just too fantastic for you not to set it as the host operating system. It has a lot of benefits over Windows. Try it out today and you’ll love it.

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