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4 Marketing Techniques that Can Make Your Storage Business Stand Out

Marketing Techniques that Can Make Your Storage Business Stand Out

Businesses are rapidly turning online. This includes services like self-storage also jumping on the bandwagon. The 21st century is all about connecting consumers to the products they need right away, and self-storage is a facility that most clients need. People will always need space to put away their things. Whether a family is looking to relocate, a student needs a spot to safely store their belongings, or an individual wants to securely place antique goods, these storage units come in handy.

However, with a massive market for the storage sector, you have to find ways to stand out. In 2019, more than 47,000 storage facilities were in the United States alone. Therefore, the niche you occupy is quite popular.

To ensure consumers pick your services over others. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is integral to your digital strategy. All your consumers utilize the search engine to find the facilities they’re looking for. So if you reach their line of sight, you’re in the green. However, over the years, SEO has gotten tremendously technical. You cannot tweak certain features on your webpage and expect high rankings. Instead, you need an appropriate SEO plan and apply it to your webpage. If you feel you can’t handle this, it’s best to turn to self storage marketing professionals with years of experience, insight, and first-hand consumer knowledge to make the changes for you.

The highly diverse team will acknowledge all your weak tactics and ensure you’re running a modern web page with excellent content. But as an overview, SEO encompasses everything you put on your website. So you must ensure that your web page loads fast and has an alt-tagged image, a proper URL, organized content, and recent images.

Additionally, you should list your business’s address, provide links to blogs you’ve starred in, highlight the positive reviews left behind and use keywords to provide information. This makes local SEO much easier since the keywords get picked by the crawl bots and display your website. Run a technical SEO audit to ensure you’ve covered all the basics, have a good-looking website, and update it frequently to end up on the first search engine results page.

2. Prepare A Self Storage Virtual Tour

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality are the cornerstones of modern technology. Virtual tours have removed the need to inspect units physically, and consumers can safely choose from the comfort of their homes. So, you must showcase your storage business virtually. You don’t need high-end equipment. A tutorial on creating a 3D tour is enough to help you get started.

Add the feature on your website and ensure it’s interactive as possible. This will give your consumers a closer view into the unit by getting a chance to see the capacity and the surroundings and simultaneously browse your webpage for more information. You can also let your customer do a complete 360 view of the area and decide if it’s exactly what they want. A nifty marketing tactic is to offer tours and headline the fact you have limited units left. This can speed up the thinking process and inform them that your facility is popular.

3. Utilize Social Media

Over 90% of marketers are using social media for their business. These platforms allow you to engage with different communities and put your business on display in relevant groups. Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all excellent venues to set up a business profile. When you go online, post pictures of your units, and create 2D maps of the facility. If you’re undergoing renovations, show your consumers how much effort you put into maintenance. You can also post blogs on smart security systems and tutorials on smart locks and their usage.

If your unit has an access panel, make a post. You can also join groups where potential consumers are looking for the best storage facilities and reply to them. If anyone has questions about rent, payment plans, and storage units, you should answer them and link your business. The more you engage, the more your enterprise will look reliable. Your social media has to have activity. Customers don’t like pages with nothing to scroll over. If you’re creative, make a small music video and post it on TikTok in your unit. Don’t forget to add keywords and hashtags to help your clients find you with no qualms.

4. Use Email Marketing

No matter how old school it seems, email marketing is still an effective strategy. It is popular among clients, allows you to have a more personalized interaction with them, and will enable you to stay in touch with loyal customers. An email campaign can work wonders for your storage business.

You can send reminders on payments, offer storage discounts, send images of new units, and provide new price quotations that are easy to follow. You can also take the time to pen a thoughtful note to a customer for their first purchase and send newsletters and blogs that you write for your niche. It is also a great way to encourage consumers to reach out to friends and family to look into your enterprise and be a part of your storage.

Final Thoughts

People are always on the look for the best storage unit. You’re one step away from being their number one through simple yet effective marketing channels. Displaying your business is all about presentation. So, ensure you have a functional and active website with a high SEO ranking to represent you. Take advantage of modern technology and create virtual tours. Your interaction and engagement with your clients will entice them to you. Finally, continue using emails, build a campaign to bridge the gap with your consumers, and professionally exhibit your storage unit.

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