3 Tech Solutions Remote SMBs Should Consider

3 Tech Solutions Remote SMBs Should Consider

If you are a Remote SMB, there are all kinds of tech solutions that are worth implementing in your organisation. The challenge with remote working is that, traditionally, a lot of critical technology businesses need are based on on-premise hardware. What is more, remote working is a relatively new phenomenon, and a lot of businesses still aren’t fully prepared for it and all its challenges – for example, IT support can be a challenge for businesses that haven’t fully thought out their remote working strategy. Below are 3 tech solutions that can make remote working a lot easier for business.

Microsoft 365

The great thing about Microsoft 365 is that it provides a business with all of the apps and services they need for daily business processes like emails, calls and communication, collaboration, word processing, etc. Additionally, if you are looking for small business IT support, it can make it easier to implement, because of the Cloud-based nature of Microsoft 365 – all of the infrastructure for it is in the Cloud, and therefore it is easier for an IT support provider to provide remote support.

Cloud computing

These days the Cloud is one of the most useful resources any business can utilize. There are a range ways it can be used to improve the functioning of your business. For example, say you have some on-premise servers, or datacentres; these types of infrastructure can be virtualised, and hosted in the Cloud. A great example of Cloud computing is Microsoft Azure, and all the services it offer; one of TechQuarters’ London IT services includes Azure Hosting – servers, datacentres, applications, and much more can be hosted on Azure.

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A business can also use the Cloud for long-term archiving, app development, network security services, and much more. When using the Cloud, it is easy to perform a whole range of critical business processes, entirely remotely.

Social Analytics

As a London IT support company, TechQuarters knows the importance of finding your target market. Doing this makes the process of marketing and getting leads much easier, because you know where to look, and you know where to direct your attention. The great thing is that a lot of the information SMBs need to find their target market, get information on their competitors, find our what the market is thinking, etc. is all out there on the internet, on various social media platforms and search engines. The trick is knowing how to find all this information, and it’s becoming easier and easier to do so, with resources such as Google Analytics and Iconosquare.

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