3 Gift Ideas for Your Clients

3 Gift Ideas for Your Clients

While it doesn’t get as much attention as it should, corporate gifts or client gifts are an important part of managing your relationship with the various accounts you serve. Especially in a competitive field like marketing, every agency could potentially poach your clients if you don’t find ways to keep your relationship with your vendors and customers strong. This is where client gifts can play a big role since a more customized gift with a personal message is much more unique and distinct than a boring old gift card.

Of course, when it comes to finding the right corporate gifts for clients, the industry is as important to consider as the relationship you have with the client in question. That being said, some of the best corporate gifts go beyond a simple pen, tumbler, fruit basket, mug, or blanket and are actually as durable as they are a unique gift. Here are three different gift ideas that you can use when you’re looking for client gifts that fit the person, rather than simply being one of any number of impersonal accessories with your monogram or company logo on it.

1. Welcome a new client with something that sets you apart from other agencies.

Welcome a new client

When you first land a new client, it’s important to find the perfect gift to thank them for choosing you. While a classic gift in these sorts of scenarios is a calendar or pen with your logo on it, thinking beyond more traditional client gifts is important if you want to make a strong first impression. For example, sending your client lunch for their entire department is a much more memorable gift than a client gift like a pen or blanket. Everyone loves free lunch, and if you spring for a full spread and make sure to honor each staff member’s personal tastes and dietary restrictions, your new client will really see how much you paid attention during your initial consultations.

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2. Go the extra mile and celebrate their family’s milestones, too.

Go the extra mile and celebrate

Who says kids gifts are off the table when you’re building a business relationship? A puzzle or item from Pottery Barn kids could be a great and thoughtful gift to give to one of your clients when their family member celebrates a big milestone. Whether that means you’re looking for gifts for 6-year-olds who have just completed their first year of Kindergarten or shopping for a tween who just graduated eighth grade or made the first chair in the middle school band, these sorts of milestones provide plenty of options to illustrate to your client’s business that they’re more than just a business partner and are actually a valued relationship in your company’s life.

3. Don’t stick to the same-old-same-old gifts come the holiday season.

gifts come the holiday season

While a coffee mug full of tea, a basket of treats, or a corporate gift box is certainly appreciated around the holiday season, they aren’t the most original way to thank your client for all of the hard work they’ve completed in the past year. Instead of going with these types of gifts, a better way to take your holiday gift to the next level is to offer your client a fun, team-building excursion. For example, if there’s a great escape room or bowling alley near their offices, giving them the opportunity to unwind together on your dime could be exactly the sort of relief they’re looking for after a demanding year. Another surprise gift that always lands well is comping a few hours of your work for them to show you’re in the holiday spirit. When they see that the memo on their lower-than-expected invoice is something creative like “Ho ho ho!” they’re sure to remember this memorable gift when it comes time to renew your contract.

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