$10.000 in Rewards Up for Grabs in an AMA-session with S-Wallet Founder Next Month!

$10.000 in Rewards Up for Grabs in an AMA-session with S-Wallet Founder Next Month!

On August 1st an AMA session with the S-WALLET team will be taking place. The project’s COO Sergio Latansky has been confirmed to take part in this event on behalf of the entire crypto wallet team.

Yes, this is the type of project that brings in funds at the pre-sale stage immediately when a round starts! This is a great opportunity for those who have not yet heard about it and are interested in hearing more details regarding its progress thus far as well as what else they can look forward to from future updates and releases. Make sure you tune into Neuronix’s website then because this one will surely be worth your time!

Take Control of all your Digital Assets with just One Hand!

The digital world has experienced exciting growth in recent years, and with each cycle, the number of users is increasing. However, there are only a few market leaders who accumulate most of the audience.

This creates a huge demand for high-quality platforms that can serve these assets and improve user experience! Here’s where S-Wallet also comes in. It is a wallet for all of your currencies.

This application offers the convenience to store, exchange, and send funds with its support of popular USD/EUR cryptocurrencies as well as fiat assets like Euros or dollars. The mission of the project is to create a resilient financial ecosystem that guarantees total transparency and accessibility for all transactions.

This will be achieved by solving usability issues, removing barriers between fiat and cryptocurrency streams, as well as making it possible to control one’s payments while guaranteeing security in every transaction. The team behind S-Wallet believes they can help change how people transact with crypto assets on a day-to-day basis through their innovative platform which simplifies usage across both blockchain networks (fiat currency & cryptocurrencies).

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They also want individuals who use this system to experience total empowerment over what happens with their money – from where it goes or comes into being; to whether you have full ownership rights when transacting within your network(s) such as online. The Kick starter campaign for this project has been an incredible success! This is evident from the statistics derived from the different stages of each of their crowdfunding campaigns.

  • The SWP tokens were gone in a flash! After the start of the first stage of the presale round, over 2 million tokens all sold out within 5 minutes 42 seconds.
  • There were technical delays but that couldn’t stop the second stage of the presale round from being redeemed in just 22 seconds!
  • The third stage of the presale round is done and dusted ahead in 7 seconds!

It’s not surprising that this project is a hit because it meets all the needs of its users and provides them with many benefits:

  • Multilingual: Since the S-wallet supports several languages, you can basically use it in any language of your choice
  • Loyalty: You’re guaranteed nominal fees if your personal account has SWP tokens
  • Smoothened Transactions: This program allows you to buy your crypto assets and fiat with your bank cards.
  • Speeds: If you ever fancy speed in digital asset trading then the S-Wallet was made for you. It allows cross-change coin exchange and comes with a user-friendly interface for interaction in its mobile and browser versions.
  • Top Support: The team behind S-Wallet has put up knowledgeable and friendly support that’s always available to respond to any of your needs.
  • S-Wallet also works with some of the most popular blockchain networks as well as supporting their tokens.
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It doesn’t even end there; the S-Wallet team has plans which look really promising for the future. The internal SWP token will be incorporated into Uniswap in July and profitable staking will officially kick off in August and users can expect the mobile app to be live in September.

During the AMA of S-Wallet on the Neronix platform, Sergio Latansky will be available to provide all the clarifications you may need on the points, and plans outlined above. Interestingly, the AMA session will be held on a new technology platform that has already been tested and proven to be effective for interaction with the community. During the ‘Ask me Anything session, the team will distribute SWP tokens worth $10,000 to the active viewers who will raise interesting questions to the host or speakers on stage.


You will get to be a part of this amazing opportunity and you can do it for free! Hurry up, the event is only open until August 31. There are limited spots available so visit now and drop your applications before the slots are all gone. And on top of that? You’ll have something really cool to brag about when you tell people how much fun you had at the SWP token sale next month with all your friends – without spending any money because participation was completely FREE!!!

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